Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Arun Shourie India Today snippets

  • Arun Shourie: As silversmith removes impurities from silver, so does the concerned citizen from institutions.
  • Arun Shourie: Since the Emergency, any government which has clamped down on freedom of expression has been singed.
  • Arun Shourie: Do not be intimidated by state violence.
  • Arun Shourie: Judges are appearing more assertive as the government is practically absent.
  • Arun Shourie: Nobody is making the case for Narendra Modi as much as the present government.
  • Arun Shourie: How is it that the biggest criminals get the biggest lawyers?
  • Arun Shourie: When Gandhiji says, "Be the change you want to see", it is not a cliche. Actually most cliches are fundamentally true.
  • Arun Shourie: No bribe has been received before it has been given.
  • Arun Shourie: Ambit of Parliament should be reduced to legislative processes. Headlines Today should not be discussed.
  • Arun Shourie: Qualification for legislature is one of the biggest reforms we need.
  • Arun Shourie: Enforcement, implementation, accountability, scrutiny and partnerships are the mantra's for effective governance.
  • Arun Shourie: We need to work with the Defence forces and address their problems, not just in acquisitions but in every sphere.
  • Arun Shourie: I have never seen so much suppressed anger in the Defence forces in my 30 years of work with them.
  • Arun Shourie: There should be a partnership of the government and judiciary instead being at each others throats.
  • Arun Shourie: Every CM is now trying to portray good governance because of India Today's state ranking.
  • Arun Shourie: India Today has done stellar work on the ranking of states.
  • Arun Shourie: Thatcher once said,"Publicity is the oxygen for terrorists". It is also the oxygen for politicians.
  • Arun Shourie: The media is also complicit. When people violate rules, black them out instead of making it a breaking news.
  • Arun Shourie: In India the status of a person is based on how many rules you flout.
  • Arun Shourie: No matter how frugal Sukhram was he could not have savedRs.4 crores on an MP's salary.
  • Arun Shourie: If you want to check corruption, force simple changes: No adjournments, tainted politicians should not be allowed.
  • Arun Shourie: Am not in favour of the Lokpal, because it will be just another institution.
  • Arun Shourie: If Rajat Gupta, Rajaratnam, Maddoff can be convicted in 3 months why can we not dispose off our rape cases in three months.
  • Arun Shourie: The advantage of India is that our society is far more progressive than our state.
  • Arun Shourie, Former Union Minister of Disinvestment, speaks on 'An Insider's Account: How can We Make the Government Work?

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