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Legitimacy of political class eroded, says Shourie: Shourie

Oct 28 2012
 LUCKNOW: Taking a dig at the current political situation in the country, senior BJP leader and former minister in Atal Bihari Vajpayee's cabinet Arun Shourie said the "legitimacy of the political class has been eroded." His comment on Sunday came even as he reiterated indirectly his support to the Congress-led UPA II government's decision to hike diesel prices. Shourie said opposition for the sake of being in the opposition was not the right approach.
Shourie asked: "If I say the need of the hour is to check subsidies and reduce fiscal deficit there is a sudden uproar. Why? Each party simply wants to criticise the other," he added. Shourie was in Lucknow to attend a function organised by Mahamana Malviya Mission on 'Malviya's vision on industrial development and challenges ahead' in Gomtinagar locality.
He, however, refused to talk to journalists present, blaming media for playing up his comments unnecessarily. But during his lecture, he criticised repeatedly the political classes too for behaving in a stereotyped fashion.

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