Monday, April 16, 2012

Shourie says SC judgment has lessons for corporates

TNN | Feb 3, 2012, 04.02AM IST
NEW DELHI: Former telecom minister and senior BJP leader Arun Shourie on Thursday said the Supreme Court judgment cancelling 121 telecom licences issued during A Raja's tenure had an important lesson for corporate houses.

Shourie also said the judgment explodes the myth that some ministers in the UPA government had been spreading that there was no reason to cancel the licences.

"It is an excellent judgment and clear cut. There is a very important lesson for corporate houses also. They must adhere to a code of self-denial. When one of them succeeds in suborning a minister, then the sins pile up and eventually the mountain collapses and the whole set suffers," Shourie said.

He also slammed communications and IT minister Kapil Sibal's statement that the revenue loss happened due to the policies initiated by the NDA government and the UPA government followed the policies of the NDA government.

"They deliberately followed no policy and no procedures because if they followed those policies (NDA's) they could not have done the extra-curricular things which they did," Shourie said.

"Which policy or procedure of the NDA were they following when they changed the cut off date from Oct 1 to September 25," the BJP leader said referring to the changes in the cut off -date for 2G spectrum licences.

He said the licences which were cancelled by the Supreme Court on Thursday were issued by the UPA and not by the NDA.


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Be shocked!!
Do NOT read the invaders version of our Indian history— rather read what your ancestors told or wrote.
All patriots should read this post.
Angrez ka aulads must lay off.
Capt ajit vadakayil

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