Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Put your difficulties to work"

Source: education times
 As part of our series on achievers who have failed yet stood tall, we speak to Arun Shourie, Former minister and journalist
When I failed:

I am the only editor to be dismissed not once but twice from The Indian Express. The first time, Mrs Gandhi put such pressure on (Indian Express owner) Ramnath Goenka that even a tiger like him made a goodwill gesture out of me.
But he did call me back and I was delighted to go back. But then he had a series of strokes. Those who were trying to swallow the company thought that S Gurumurthy and I would be the obstacles. And therefore, they first removed me and then Gurumurthy.
What I learnt:
My first learning is never look back. Or else you will suffer the fate of Lot's wife (in the Book of Genesis, Lot's wife ignores the advice of the angels not to turn back when fleeing the city of Sodom, and turns into a pillar of salt). My second learning: put your difficulties to work. There are very few difficulties that cannot be put to work. This is easier if our goal is inner growth. Third: always have three careers going at the same time. And carry each one lightly.
How it helped me succeed:
I have never looked back in my life. On the personal front, I have had to face several challenges: my 35-year-old son has multiple handicaps and my wife has had Parkinson's for the last 22 years. I have worked towards putting these things to work. I have followed at least three careers at the same time. I have written books, I have written columns and I have been a minister. I have carried each one of them lightly so that if I am thrown out I don't get disappointed. (Former prime minister) Vajpayeeji asked me a few years back: "Where are you living these days?" I said: "In my parents' house that they left behind for me. He asked me why I had not taken government accommodation. I said: "(If I do not take it) there is one less thing to give up."
(As told to Soma Banerjee)


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